Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

size of bore hole for Chilean miners trapped underground

20. How 33 Chilean Miners Trapped for Months are Surviving

What an amazing story that was. This article covered the amazing ways in which the Chilean miners made it through such a horrible and hard-to-imagine disaster.

19. 10:10 Climate Change Video Goes Overboard [VIDEO]

Well, if you believe the old adage, “there’s no such thing as bad press,” 10:10 did excellent here. However, for many of us in the green movement, this video was a big blunder.

18. 119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths

Over 100 one-liners for arguing with a climate “skeptic” or climate disinformer, with links to the science behind them.

17. Taxpayer Bailout for BP?

Yes, taxpayers potentially bailing out BP gets people pissed off.

16. Zebra/Donkey Hybrid — Zedonk

Combine a zebra and a donkey and you get quite an interesting animal. Yes, it really is called a zedonk.

15. To Glenn Beck: Stop Spreading Global Warming Lies [Petition]

Not sure if we got more Glenn Beck lovers or haters viewing this post. Don’t think we got Glenn Beck’s attention, though.

14. Oil Spill in the Gulf Live Cam Posted by the US Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

In the midst of the BP oil spill drama, a live cam of the “oil spill” was finally introduced.

13. Cycling Shorts? Not For These Sexy Riders!

A lead-up article to the 7th annual World Naked Bike Ride. Naked cyclists get people’s attention.

12. Volcanoes: The ‘X Factor’ in Climate Change

Numerous volcanoes  presently active and erupting across the planet will impact short-term warming and climate change. Longer-term impacts are unknown.

11. Nature Walks Improve Learning More than City Walks

Environmental psychology researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed what many have long-suspected: spending time in a natural setting is good for the brain (at least for its ability to retain important information). Study subjects learned better after a walk in nature that after a walk in a dense urban setting. Conversely, previous studies, also conducted by Marc Berman et al, have shown that living in a dense urban environment actually impairs cognition and self-control.

Image Credit: Newsweek

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