Hello World!

Hello world!

I’m Shea and this is my new blog. Here’s the story of how that came to be…

In the old days of the internet- before AdSense and blogging and even Wikipedia-, a young man named Jan Van Voorst started a website so he wouldn’t have to get a real job. He was a smart and hardworking young guy who built a free webmail service around green news and feeds from the Associated Press. He made a good living selling advertising to cool green companies and even sold and bought back the site for a nice profit on a while timed dip in the internet advertising market.

Fast forward ahead to this year and we find Jan an old man of thirty something with a beautiful wife and two kids living in Portland, Maine. I enter the picture when I move to Portland, start up Green Options, and end up meeting Jan through a mutual friend of ours (Jason Trout of Greenbusiness.net fame). Jan’s a smart internet guy, I play a smart internet guy on TV, and we hit it off like old war buddies.

Somehow the idea got swirled up that Green Options should buy Planetsave.com and hire Jan to run our advertising sales. It picked up support from David Anderson, Green Options CEO, and culminated in a really expensive contract (stupid lawyers) that sealed the deal.

Planetsave has great content and a better audience, but to say it was a great design was to be overly kind to my good friend Jan. The site was designed in the late 90’s and frankly it showed. I have been working on a fresh look, feel, and focus to the site which, if you are reading this, you are looking at now.

I’ve been blogging for nearly five years and was the Chief Blog Architect for Green Options. I’ve been out of the day to day blogging game since putting my personal site on cryogenic lockdown and working on the behind the scenes work and setup for GO and I’m VERY excited to be getting a chance to break out my links and blogger mojo.

I will be covering the world of green and focusing on things that help save the world. I won’t be afraid to get political or controversial and may find reason to throw a snark bomb or two when the situation is right. I’ll share things that I find that are fun, bizarre, and maybe twist off a bit from what you’ll find in the respectable green blogs.

I will be joined by a few of my favorite green bloggers and friends like Michael d’Estries, publisher and founder of Groovy Green and Ecorazzi as well as a up and coming green social rockstar; his sister Noelle d’Estries, the Assistant Editor at Green Options and the Editor of the Green Report; Hank Green, the founder of EcoGeek and all around creatively green whirlwind; Chris Baskind, the founder and editor of Lighter Footstep, a top notch easy green living blog that you should be reading; and Victoria E, the talented and beautiful green writer and model.

We’re going to be taking a concept that Jan wisely established early in the history of Planetsave- taking part of his profits and using it to preserve rain forest through a partnership with Calakmul.org– and expand upon it to include wind credits from Renewable Choice Energy (a company I founded in 2001), and microloans from Kiva.org. Every week we’ll take a look at our revenue from advertising and promotions and kick a portion of it into preserving the rain forest, buying new wind credits, and making new microloans to emerging world entrepreneurs.

I have a lot of cool features and whatnots that will be rolled out over the next few months. I thank for your readership and invite you to come along for the ride as we do our best to save the world.

If we won’t, who will?

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