The Most Useful Climate Change Impact Infographic Ever [Infographic]

Three tropical storms
Three tropical cyclones at different stages of development (NASA Earth Observatory)

Ever want to know: how much carbon has been released into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution?

Or, how much more carbon (in gigatons) we can “safely” release?

Or, how much carbon is yet to be released?

Or, how far (or close) we are from various climate change benchmarks and/or tipping points?

What about the impacts of this carbon release on sea level increases, storm severity, precipitation rates, crop yields or even species extinction rates?

Well, here now you can slake your thirst for easy to understand climate data with a range of climate impact answers/info all in one easy-to-grok infographic (see below) courtesy of the data visualization folks at and the Air Policy Instruments and Program Design Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment. That’s Ontario as in CANADA, being as it is on the “front lines” of climate change with its geographic proximity to the Arctic, a region which is experiencing climate impacts at roughly twice the rate as the rest of the world.

Feast your eyes and mind, and get informed!

IiB CO2 graphic v3

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