Climate Ride — Bicycle from NYC to DC!

Join other bicyclists or support a bicyclist to help combat global warming this Fall. For the second year in a row, bicyclists (and non-bicyclists) will join together for a climate conference “on wheels” — the Brita Climate Ride.

Participants will bicycle 300 miles from September 26-30th in order to raise awareness and money for combatting global climate change. But this is more than a bicycle ride or a fundraiser. It is also a climate conference. “Along the way, expert speakers will educate and inspire Climate Riders about the science, the policies and the solutions to the climate crisis. Our riders and the communities we pass through will learn that our government, businesses, and each individual American will benefit from a cleaner, healthier climate.”

The Climate Ride staff take care of logistics of the ride so that people are free to network, have fun, and learn as much as they can during the weekend-long event.


You don’t have to be a bright-clothes-wearing, Tour-de-France-following cyclist to join the ride. In fact, the event is largely about ENCOURAGING bicycling. The website contains very supportive materials on basics of bicycling and how to train for the ride.

To participate, the Climate Riders must pay a $100 registration fee and raise $2400. The funds raised go to Focus the Nation, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, and Clean Air — Cool Planet.

If you don’t know anyone who wants to join the ride, here is a link to one interested rider looking for sponsorships!

Join the ride!

Image credit: Uncle Paul T “Birdman” ; back injury again, off again via flickr under a Creative Commons license

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  1. I was thinking of riding in the climate ride on behalf of my company Does anyone know whether they would allows someone to tow a billboard for the tour? Thanks.

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