Nike Engages in Anti-Car Competition: BEAT GASOLINE

Nike has a financial investment in getting people to live more active lifestyles, but it is broadening its agenda a bit with a new campaign to encourage people to “Beat Gasoline” and use more muscle power for their transportation needs. In partnership with Youth Noise, the initiative is sending this video to athletically minded kids, informing them that “air pollution causes 2 million premature deaths in cities around the world” and encouraging them to create and enter a video, and vote on vidoes, for it’s Beat Gasoline challenge. The initiative is distributing strong anti-car information through it’s campaign videos, such as: “DRIVING A CAR IS THE MOST POLLUTING ACT THE AVERAGE CITIZENS COMMITS.” Good criminalistic language there.

The competition has weekly winners and a grand prize winner.

Five Beat Gasoline campaign videos are here:

  1. Streets
  2. Rush Hour
  3. Yogurt v. Gasoline
  4. Stop Idling
  5. Nike 6.0

(Nike 6.0 athletes on BMX bikes in the streets of London talking about the benefits of bicycling)

A survey on the website shows that this is reaching people who do a lot of driving or riding in cars. The survey results, as I am writing this, say that 40% of respondents spend 5+ hours in the car per week.

Videos of current winners are here.

Kudos to Nike for combining their interests with environmental interests on this engaging intiative.

More about the initiative is on Nike’s GameChangers webpage and on the Beat Gasoline webpage.Β See this story for more on Nike’s green efforts.

Image Credit: Dreamer7112

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