Reindeer Collapse — World's Largest Reindeer Herd Plummets



Sad news for all those who love reindeer (and who doesn’t?)… the world’s largest herd of reindeer has dropped from a population of about 800,000-900,000 to about 74,000. Yes, that’s up to a nearly 92% drop. Disheartening.

“The herd roams the vast tundra of Quebec and Labrador in eastern Canada. Known as caribou in North America, the animals are central to the culture of the Cree and Innu people of the region,” Survival International writes.

“However, in recent decades large parts of the herd’s range have been disrupted by a series of huge projects. Iron-ore mining, flooding vast areas for hydro-power and road-building have all taken their toll, according to Innu people.”

More on this story is on Survival International.


9 thoughts on “Reindeer Collapse — World's Largest Reindeer Herd Plummets”

  1. The other facts in your article are generally accurate but one needs to note that this herd (the George River/Mushuaushipu) has experienced seemingly catastrophic declines in the past on a roughly 40 to 70 year cycle. What makes this one alarming is the context in which it is happening with rapid climate change making the likely environment for recovery one which the herd will never have experienced before.

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