President Takes Down Congress For Climate Timidity (video)

Obama speaks to League of Conservation Voters (

On Wednesday, June 25, President Obama gave a one-year progress report for his climate plan. He presented the original speech on the climate change plan at a dinner with the League of Conservation Voters.

On MSNBC, politics commenter Rachel Maddow showed a series of clips of the President’s LCV talk, saying she wasn’t sure if he was “riffing” or not. But whatever our Barack was doing, he seemed to be enjoying it:

“Folks will tell you climate change is a hoax, or a fad, or a plot. It’s a liberal plot!”

Obama likened the “I’m not a scientist” deflection of comments to that of tobacco users and their friends a couple of decades ago, before the truth was finally conceded about its health effects—“I’m not a doctor. But if a bunch of docs tell me that smoking causes lung cancer….” (VIDEO here.)

Maddow commented that a lot has changed around politics of climate change, including Republicans outside Congress beginning to speak up loudly: former California governor Arnold Schwartzenegger (in Years of Living Dangerously), Hank Paulson, a Republican American banker who served as the 74th US Secretary of the Treasury (in Risky Business), a couple of other billionaires and Cabinet members, former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, the executive chairman of Cargill, and possibly with the most authority, former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency from a bevy of recent administrations.

Yet Republican flat-earthers within Congress continue to pretend there’s some reason to deny reality, and even those who truly know better are still lining up with the party as they have since before Mr. Obama’s election.

The good news is the American people are wiser than this,” Obama concluded. Readers, if you haven’t already, it’s well past time to speak to your legislators….

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