Pigs Swim In Sea At Pig Beach

Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, at least not lived on by humans. Pigs do live there and take advantage of the beautiful, colorful local waters by swimming.

Image Credit: cdorobek
Image Credit: cdorobek

It has been reported that the pigs survive because local people feed them. They must travel to the island by boat with some frequency. Additionally, it is possible the pigs are able to feed on whatever human garbage floats into the waters near the beach or on it.

Hilariously, it may be possible to swim with the wild sea pigs on a tour. This event is clearly a mocking of the popular notion of swimming with dolphins, though this may not be a safe or healthy practice for them or humans. There is a natural source of freshwater on the island, so the pigs seem be in good shape for the time being. Many boaters travel through the Bahamas islands so there may be a steady stream of food available to them as well.

On Trip Advisor, the swimming pigs are mentioned a number of times in site reviews, so it appears there are some outfitters with boats that will take visitors to the island.

It isn’t clear how the pigs got to the island, but one story is they were left by sailors who intended to return to catch them for food. The sailors never came back, so the pigs were able to live. Another story sounds a little more far fetched – a shipwreck stranded the pigs.

Pigs are often thought of as nothing more than pork products such as ham and bacon, but they are considered by others to be more intelligent than dogs. Intelligence is often cited as one of the main reasons why dogs are such popular pets. Pigs have wrongly been believed to be lacking in intelligence, like many animals used as food sources. The rationale is that these animals are too dumb to have any value, so we humans might as well eat them. Let’s hope no sharks go after the pigs, or even malicious people.

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