Paul McCartney Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers

Sir Paul McCartney said those who don’t believe in global warming are similar to those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.

I’m a huge Beatles fan. Not only were the band members amazing songwriters and musicians, but they were vocal activists as well. John Lennon is best known for promoting peace while Sir Paul McCartney is known to be a passionate green campaigner.

In a recent, exclusive interview with The Sun, Sir Paul spoke candidly about the oil disaster in the Gulf, commercial whaling and President Barack Obama. But it was one comment in particular that has sent the global-warming-is-a-scam proponents into a tizzy.

Sir Paul compared the global warming naysayers to the Holocaust debunkers.

The former Beatle was searching for the silver lining behind the environmental catastrophe caused by the BP oil leak. He believes that the search for clean, renewable energy will be accelerated stating…

“Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.

But the facts indicate that there’s something going on and we’ve got to be aware of it if we want our kids to inherit a decent world, not a complete nightmare of a planet – clean, renewable energy is for starters.”

Whoops, there it is! And the conservative media was quick to jump all over it. turned to its go-to guy on global warming Chris Horner, a senior fellow at Competitive Enterprise Institute, who chimed in with…

“Was Posh Spice unavailable? I’ve seen quite a few reasons to look elsewhere than actors and crooners for deep thoughts on weighty policy matters. And this is certainly one of them.”

First of all, comparing a Beatles legend to Posh Spice is blasphemous, and secondly, Horner is not a scientist… he’s an attorney.

So what do you think? Did Sir Paul step over the environmental line or was he just telling it like it is?

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22 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers”

  1. Paul isn’t a scientist either. Science is based mainly on theory and educated guessing (hypothesis) not facts. Thats the problem with Liberals, they don’t believe in real facts, just theories. Any one who believes a cow farts more and gives off more gases than a car is a complete idiot. There is not one piece of evidence this is true. Not one person has ever come forth with real evidence of this theory. Who makes this stuff up anyway? Btw, the more people speak up like Paul (The Beatle) the more stupid it sounds. Don’t listen to these Liberal nutts. Its all a hoax. Climate change is natural. Its happened before and it will continue to happen. How do you do an experiment on a cow farting? How do you bag that and take it to the lab for testing? I can’t believe our education system has been dumbed down so much in the US. One more thing, you can always tell its a hoax when they bring in the children….hahahaha…They always have to change for the children or lets do it for the children. When you hear its for the children, then run away as fast as u can…..

  2. As for his comparison to holocaust deniers, I personally would rather compare those who wish to ignore our global crisis to those who looked the other way as the boxcars full of human suffering passed by their homes and those who helped themselves to abandoned possessions and properties as their Jewish neighbors were forced from their homes into ghettos. Those who denied the holocaust as it was taking place and who at the same time profited from it are the historical equivalent to those people who deny that our planet is being destroyed by the overconsumption of fossil fuels, abusive factory farming practices and overconsumption in general. In fifty years those people responsible for the current BP gusher will be vilified for willfully disregarding safety in order to increase the bottom line, as will those who ignore the problem.

    1. great comparison… can see the facts of the holocaust, you can talk to the survivors, visit the remnants of concentration camps, ….. it happened. it is not “make belief” — if you don’t believe it occurred, then you are truly ignorant
      And when you take away the emotion,look closer,find the lies, the changed stories, no actual physical proof except the unusual calamities and catastrophes of all out war, it is a toss up of which one falls apart faster. The Hollowcaust or man faked Global Warming ?

      1. @Northpal, if you haven’t gotten the message, numerous independent studies have found that the science, data, and findings are strong & real & something we need to work to address before it causes countless deaths

        1. What kind of data did they use? Who programed the software to make these test? What type of experiment did they do and how did they do it? Did anyone see them do it? Did anyone actually see the made-up data? How can you test a cow farting and apply it to global warming? See what most people don’t realize, this all came from the corrupt U.N. That’s right!! The freaking U.N. So all they want is control and money from nations they say causing G.W. That should have tipped you off right there.

  3. I wouldn’t say he’s off the mark with these comments. This is a man with a family. He has many children and grandchildren, and he wants to leave a beautiful world for them. He is an ardent supporter of vegetarianism (a lifestyle choice proven to reduce pollution) he outfits his tour convoy with environmentally friendly vehicles even though it costs him considerably more to do so, and he fills this world with beautiful music and has done so for over four decades. To say his views on the environment are not valid is to stand against intelligent thought. In my opinion, his views are more valid than the views of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or any of those other blowhards because he’s actually trying to make a difference and influence people in a positive way.

    1. And he owns 10 houses. What is it with these celebrity ultra consumers telling the rest of the population to effectively pay higher prices for power etc etc. Not much sacrifice happening from them. Bono is the same, friggin jetting around the world on tour with 7 jumbos of gear needing 55 semi trailers to cart around the gigs of the US, Oz, Europe. At each city stop he preaches global warming blah blah blah………….I think I’m going to puke. What hypocracy!!!!!

  4. Well, as long as you don't include man made and/or catastrophic in the global warming there is a similarity. Holocaust deniers ignore thousands if not millions of eyewitness accounts, while GW skeptics ignore thousands of data sets and eyewitness reports of a warmer world now than during the little ice age. The similarity dissolves if one tries to apply it to AGW or CAGW skeptics; they acknowledge the same data sets that CAGW proponents depend plus data sets that they conveniently ignore.

  5. he wasn't connecting global warming with the oil spill, he was saying we are treating our planet badly and the results will be devastating. That should be common knowledge but sadly it's not, many will deny it. I agree with him. Sometimes it does take a disaster to pull people together and want change. But there is so much resistance, as you can see from many comments, that I doubt any change will occur, except people will get mad at those that speak out.

  6. As much as I love The Beatles, to connect the oil spill to global warming…what?? I still completely think global warming is mainly about propaganda money and business as usual =Control! I don't gather my information from the mainstream world.

  7. I completly DON'T agree with what he said….mainly because its Paul McCartney. I guess i didnt realize that being a pop star makes him the authority on global warming. I prefer to get my information from the science community and not a member of The Beatles.

  8. great comparison… can see the facts of the holocaust, you can talk to the survivors, visit the remnants of concentration camps, ….. it happened. it is not "make belief" — if you don't believe it occurred, then you are truly ignorant.

    similar to climate change… you can see the results with your own eyes, the science is well established and constantly evolving…. we know from several lines of evidence that is is occurring…97% of the most qualified people in the feild of climate science have provided plenty of articles and studies backing up the science. ….

    yet there are ignorant people out there who would rather listen to some buffoon on fox who has no first hand knowledge of the science and is not qualified in the least to give an opinion on the matter. —

  9. Sir Paul is right on. He should have mentioned the Birthers along with the Holocaust and global warming deniers to hit the crazy trifecta.

    1. by Birthers, do you mean people who have lots of babies? He'd be a huge hypocrate in that regard; he had three children with Linda (who had a child from a previous marriage) and he has a boatload of grandkids. Then he had another child by Heather Mills. I'm all for intelligent people breeding (Paul obviously is an intellegent person and his children are probably great) It's the unintelligent, closed-minded nutjobs that just won't get out of the gene pool.

  10. Of course, Sir Paul would know, what with being a musician and all.

    I doubt that he'd know the difference between a student's t test and Principal Components Analysis (needed to understand the failings of the Hockey Stick). He is no more qualified on climate change than any other musician, no matter how famous. We might as well find someone busking in the street and ask for an opinion.

  11. Paul has never been very good at this sort of thing. He tends to miss the mark completely or manages to tick off the very people he wants communicate with. His wittyness is seldom enjoyable or enlightening but he does have a way with notes and lyrics that is superb.

    Sorry Paul but to equate these two subjects to one another isn't good practice. You really should have shot for a more outrageous subject rather then the Holocaust, I don't know, maybe like "those who don't believe Sgt. Pepper had big balls". You see Paul, you own Sgt. Pepper, no one can fight over what you say about it. We get it. But you try to make too much of what you say as if you are an intellectual and you just end up pissing people off. Hey you who are you and your persective is yours and that's fine but John would have said it better and would have gotten a laugh in……..too.

  12. I am in total agreement with Sir Paul. The more that people like him speak up , the more the average person will listen. People are getting tired of news media and politicians feeding them bullshit.

    1. Try living in Florida. I never remember the heat being so oppressive as it has been in the last five years, or the air being as heavy and unpleasant.

      More and more people are being diagnosed with asthma as well as auto-immune diseases that can be linked directly to pollution. If it isn't going to be global warming it's going to be another ecological disaster. Wake up and change!

  13. Sir Paul was right on. The scary thing is, people think the world will go on. In reality, it will …but humans will not go with it.

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