Orca Parade Caught On Video

On the InterWebs it is more common to see videos of huge dolphin gatherings, but recently one with many orcas was uploaded to YouTube. It is a very rare window into their movements and in a large number. The camera person does a good job of capturing them and made a great decision to used a tripod, so the images are easy to watch.

The orcas appeared at Active Pass, Galiano Island, British Columbia.

This large marine species has also been called ‘killer whales’, but they don’t hunt or kill humans in the wild and they aren’t whales, they are members of the dolphin family.

The idea that they are dangerous may have started when orcas kept in captivity have attacked their human trainers, but these incidents are very rare. They are likely due to the extreme stress of being kept in tiny swimming pools, because orcas in the wild normally swim for miles every day.

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