Mass Bird and Fish Death Map

Somebody has gone through the trouble of mapping where numerous bird and fish deaths (as well as some other animal deaths) have been occurring in recent weeks (screenshot above). Check it out here: Mass Animals Deaths.

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  1. This map of the die offs is totally out of date. All around the Pacific the fish and shell fish are dying. I have just watched some videos about snorkeling at Hunama Bay in Hawaii, which were taken this year. The coral is almost all dead, the water is murkey, there are still many fish, but where are the little fish. There was only two very, very small patches of coral that were still alive there. In 1978 the coral in Hunama Bay was absolutely fantasticly colorful, but not anymore. Look at YouTube and just search for ‘fish die off’ and then select the filter for this month. You will be absolutely shocked. Along British Columbia, the salmon are dead. The BC sardine fleet came back with absolutely nothing on their last trip, that’s a 330 billion dollar industry that is gone. Millions of starfish are laying dead on the shores of the west coast of North America. One scientist was also describing how the sea birds are dying in mass numbers as well as the inland insects. Sorry, the mosquitos still have you to feed on. Now, after looking at a couple of die off maps, the eastern and central parts of the United States are also seeing these fish die off in mass numbers. It seems like these inland die offs are in the fracking areas too. I would like to hear your feedback right now. Even if we stopped all pollution on the land, air and sea, we will never stop this mass death and without these food resources, we are next. C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Explorer

  2. this blog has Google’s map above, and a map with events from prior to 2011; open to public collaboration. Also; a poll, twitter feed, and headlines.

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