LOOP SCOOPS: "Story of Stuff" Founder Annie Leonard Teams Up with PBS Kids, WGHB [VIDEOS]

LOOP SCOOPS are a series of new videos by now famous “Story of Stuff” founder Annie Leonard. The focus of these videos is still “think responsibly about the stuff in your life” but Annie’s interests have shifted towards bringing this message to kids 6-9, their families, and educators.

This fun, new Web series launched today.

Currently, there are eight Loop Scoops. Annie, PBS Kids, and WGHB hope these videos will stimulate kids to ask questions like “Where does this come from? What it’s made of? What happens to it when it’s thrown away?”

Here are a handful of Loop Scoops videos for you (or your kids’) viewing pleasure and education. Enjoy.

Loop Scoops on Garbage

“Oliver has one minute to reduce a huge pile of garbage. Can he do it? How? And just who would throw all that stuff out anyway?anyway?”


Loop Scoops on Magazines

“Join Clementine as she learns just how many magazines get thrown away every year and comes up with some creative alternatives for all that colored paper!”


Loop Scoops on Orange Juice

“What generates more waste: a glass of home-squeezed juice from 5 oranges or a glass from a carton of juice? In this fun animation, Ben gets tested and learns the story of a glass of orange juice.”


Loops Scoops on Handheld Gaming Devices

“What’s a handheld game device made of and what impact does it have on the environment? In this fun animation, twin siblings Gabi and Oliver learn about Oliver’s handheld game device, including what it’s made of, where its materials come from, and what happens to it when it gets thrown away.”


More on Annie Leonard and LOOP SCOOPS is available on WGBH’s Kids Media Matters page.

Image Credit: Screenshot of gaming video above.

3 thoughts on “LOOP SCOOPS: "Story of Stuff" Founder Annie Leonard Teams Up with PBS Kids, WGHB [VIDEOS]”

  1. Why is the loop scoop about the DS putting nasty murcury in a landfill bothersome? Consumers soon will no longer be allowed to buy light bulbs without murcury. We have to save our planet and not waste energy. All those millions and billions of murcury filled light bulbs will be going in landfills. How is that acceptable including only the new light bulbs will ALL be made NOT IN THE USA>
    Why do we have to lose jobs in America but its ok to teach our kids murcury in a DS is bad for our planet but its ok for murcury filled light bulbs by millions and billions in the landfill ok?

    1. @Bev: more mercury is put into our environment from the energy wasted by a normal bulb being powered by coal power plants. i think LED is the way to go on lighting, but CFLs are at least a step in the right direction and keep more mercury (among other things) out of our environments than incandescents powered by dirty coal.

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