London Grassroots Activists Getting Attention

A new organization, starting off in South London, but open to working in other areas as well, is making links in the green world on the grassroots level and is getting some serious attention.

The organization is called Project Dirt. Its goals are to show people how easy it is to be green, to make it easier for people to be green, to link environmental projects, to help people learn from real life situations, and to create more community wherever they go.

The organization received funding from Timberland® Earthkeepers to create a video of what they are doing and received support from Changegents to advertise the video project.

The video is excellently created by filmmaker Jack Kelly and seems to capture the essence of Project Dirt. According to Jack Kelly, the video is a “cheeky 3-minute video snapshot that gives you a peek into what’s going on within the London environmental scene. Meet the ‘real people’ doing what they do. Not the politicians, the experts or the scientists. People doing their own projects.”

As you can see in the video, the organization is very positively focused and interested in giving people hope for the future. As co-founder Mark says, “There’s plenty to be optimistic about! Ther’s a real groundswell of activity out there.”

The project started in April but it already includes 121 projects, 1,157 members, and very active forum and blog networks. Apparently, the organization has tapped into an unmet need and the public are quick to catch their message.

For more information on Project Dirt, visit their homepage.

Image credit: Tristan Legros via flickr under a Creative Commons license.

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