Impala Jumps In Car To Avoid Cheetahs

It is hard to see if the impala made it all the way into the SUV in this video, but the narrator seems to think so. A herd of impala in South Africa were being chased by two cheetahs and were driven across a road.

Image Credit: Ikiwaner
Image Credit: Ikiwaner

Tourists were gathered in their vehicles on the road trying to view wildlife. They were nearly swarmed by fleeing impala during the pursuit.

It isn’t clear if the jumping impala understood what it was doing, or was simply acting from reflex and seeking any escape possible. Nevertheless, the last ditch effort seemed to work and no one inside the vehicle was reported hurt.

Impala can be found in a number of different African countries. They are typically about three feet in height and can weigh up to 170 pounds. One one of the most common antelopes in Africa, there are six subspecies. The black-faced impala is one of the more rare subspecies.

All impala are hunted by cheetahs, lions and wild dogs.

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