Hundreds of Animals Found At Woman's Home

Hundreds of cats – both dead and alive – were found at a New Jersey woman’s home. There were also 50 roosters and chickens, about 20 rabbits, a raccoon, and a parrot.

Image Credit: Alvesgaspar, Wiki Commons
Image Credit: Alvesgaspar, Wiki Commons

The accused is a 57-year-old who reportedly formerly worked in animal control.

Animal hoarding is generally a mental health issue. Compulsive acquisition is a key part of hoarding, whether the objects collected are bought or gathered for free.People who hoard can identify the objects they collect as part of their identity, so they have a very difficult time letting go of them. The disorganization phase takes place when they gather so many items that the become unmanageable, and the hoarder may not recognize the chaos.It has been noted many hoarders are female and older. They might feel more comfortable with animals than people or experience social anxiety with humans.

Hoarders often believe they are caring for the multitudes of animals they gather, even though some of them may be sick or have died. Treatment for animal hoarding is scant and not well understood.  Legal punishments typically don’t stop the behavior, after the convicted individual is released or fined.

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