Happy Easter! {Bunny Videos}

Happy Easter to you all. Easter has always been my favorite holiday of the year. As a kid, loved finding hidden Easter eggs (… and then hiding them for my siblings, and finding them again when my siblings hid them, and so on), and was fascinated by the idea of the Easter bunny, especially after one year when my sister told me she saw it hopping through our backyard and it was about as tall as a person.

For a little fun today, here are 7 funny or cute bunny rabbit videos (if you’re only gonna watch one, the 7th one is a “Wowza”

By the way, a fan of ours on Facebook recommended discouraging people from keeping these little fellows as pets or breeding them. I fully support such a recommendation, so adding this in πŸ˜€

(Could cut the first part of the bunny cleaning itself here, but so cute afterwards…)

Quite interesting/cute:

Baby Easter bunnies? Maybe


Bunny eats flower & then washes face (the face-washing part is short but adorable :D)


Rabbit vs. snake (not what you would think):


Have any more?

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter! {Bunny Videos}”

  1. I love bunnies, thanks for all the cute videos. I adopted my 2 bunnies and they are of 5 and 7 years of age now. Since they were domesticated already, there was no sense in releasing them as they will just become a coyote’s lunch. In Vancouver, pet stores are no longer allowed to sell bunnies anymore as they just ended up at the animal shelters. So adopt! =)

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