Greenpeace Calls For International Day of Action this Saturday

[social_buttons]The UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland is ground zero for world leaders looking to take the next steps in tackling global warming. The international conference is aimed at negotiating a new agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol, and to be finalized in Copenhagen in December of 2009.

Since the U.S. pulled out of Kyoto, and Bush’s environmental impotence has done nothing but obstruct progress, Greenpeace is urging the U.S. — and President-Elect Barack Obama — to commit to science based reductions in global warming. In fact, during the last week Greenpeace activists have protested the conference in Poland, with a handful even occupying a coal plant.

Greenpeace hopes the following principles will be included in any agreement:

• Strong global caps on emissions in developed countries
• Substantial funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency
• Funding to end deforestation in developing countries
• Funding for adaptation to global warming impacts in vulnerable countries.

On Saturday, Greenpeace will be holding rallies in 30 cities across America. Here in San Francisco, they will be showing off a 30 x 50 ft. banner (pictured above) in front the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo: Ben Smith, Project Hotseat, Greenpeace

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