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is a web developer, part-time blogger, and a full-time environmentalist. His crusade for all things eco started twenty years ago when he ditched his meat-and-potatoes upbringing for something more vegetarian-shaped. His passions include cooking, green tech, eco politics, and smart green design. And while he doesn't own a car anymore, he loves to write about those too. Jerry studied at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. During his time there he was a DJ at the campus station KCPR and he also wrote for the campus paper. Jerry currently resides in San Francisco, CA with his cat Lola. You can stalk him on Twitter @jerryjamesstone.

China to Ban Eating Cats and Dogs

[social_buttons] Eating dogs and cats–which is an age-old delicacy in China–could soon be against the law. It’s the nation’s first law against such animal abuse. Currently, dog and cat meat is viewed as promoting bodily warmth. But if the law passes, people who eat either animal could face fines of up to $730 or 15

Killer Whales Are Evolving Into Two Different Species

Scientists have found that Killer Whales in the North Atlantic Ocean differ in both diet and genetic makeup. In fact, they’re in the process of splitting into two different species all together. Researchers examined the teeth of 62 whale skeletons, some that were hundreds of years old. They found that “type 1” whales had longer

Whale Wars: Exclusive Interview with Pilot Chris Aultman

  Chris Aultman is the helicopter pilot and Aviation Director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He served for six years in the United States Marine Corps prior to joining the Sea Shepherd team. During that period Chris spent 13 months at sea and became a veteran of the Gulf War. Aultman’s first experience with

World's Rarest Shark Caught, Then Eaten

  Fishermen in the Philippines accidentally caught and later ate one of the rarest sharks in the world – the megamouth shark. Only 40 others have been encountered, the World Wildlife Fund said Tuesday. The 1,100-pound, 13-foot megamouth died while struggling in the fishermen’s net on March 30 off Burias island in the central Philippines.

Guy Punked By April Fool's Joke, Calls Liberals "Stupid"

You know, I been quite flattered with the attention my April Fool’s Day joke has gotten. I didn’t think a story about marshmallow whales would hit the front page of digg, or make it on to Comedy Central’s blog…but this takes the cake! [youtube=] Original Story: Whale-Sized Marshmallows Deployed to Thwart Japanese Whalers

Whale-Sized Marshmallows Deployed to Thwart Japanese Whalers

Just Born — the makers of Marshmallow Peeps — says they’ll be producing whale-shaped, and whale-sized, Marshmallow Peeps in an effort to end Japanese whaling. [social_buttons] The Peep-maker said the joint effort is between Darryl Hannah, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Greenpeace, and that they are uniting under the moniker PEEP: People for Everything

Boat Made of 16,000 Plastic Bottles to Sail from Cali to Australia

[social_buttons] British environmentalist David de Rothschild, author of Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook, met with the San Francisco Conservation Corps on Wednesday to talk about “Plastiki,” a 60-foot catamaran made from recycled plastic (except for the masts), which he’ll use to sail from San Francisco to Australia: an 11,000 mile voyage! The boat is

ALERT: DC Coal Plant Target of Civil Disobedience

[social_buttons] On March 2, Bill McKibben and Wendell Berry are asking for large civil disobedience at the Capitol Power Plant in Washington D.C. Why, cuz Clean Coal sucks! Over 2,000 people are expected to risk arrest. And the protest comes on the heels of the upcoming grassroots action — Powershift 2009 — which will bring

FBI Arrests Four Animal Rights Activists, Claims "Terrorism"

Federal authorities have arrested four animal rights activists suspected in anti-vivisection actions in Santa Cruz and Alameda counties, a federal terrorism task force reported Friday. [social_buttons] The Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI arrested four animal rights activists as “terrorists.” Details of the arrests and the charges are still coming, but this is the

UK Professor Hopes Modified Bee Genes Can Prevent Colony Collapse Disorder

A UK Professor Hopes His Genetically Modified Worker Bees Can Help Stop The Colony Collapse Disorder That Is Grossly Effecting the UK Economy Last week 140,000 protesters from the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) marched on Whitehall demanding $8-million in emergency funding from the Department for Environment to tackle alarming rates of bee decline. The decline

Chevron Gets Drilled In Lawsuit Over Peace Protester's Death

Grassroot Groups Formed At A Chevron Gas Station In Protest Of Human Rights Violations By The Oil Giant Organizers from Global Exchange, Justice in Nigeria Now, and West County Toxics Coalition gathered at a Chevron gas station here in San Francisco on Monday in support for the Nigerian plaintiffs in a human rights trial against

Disney And Al Gore Help Mobilize Teens To Fight Climate Change

The Magical World Of Disney And Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Are Bringing Teens Across America To The Front Of The Line In The Fight Against Climate Change. About 2,000 teens have signed on with an organization called Inconvenient Youth to tell their friends, neighborhoods, generation and anyone who will listen that the time to take

Prop H Protesters Construct Wind Turbines at PG&E Offices [PHOTOS]

San Francisco’s Prop H is taking on their biggest opponent today – PG&E! The utility company has spent more than $9.9 Million to prevent San Francisco from having cheaper and renewable energy. Come join the rally at: PG&E’s downtown headquarters at 77 Beale St at noon. [youtube=] They’ll be erecting three twelve-foot “Yes on H”

FedEx Ups Its Solar Power Production To Almost Double

FedEx’s New Solar System Is Enough To Power 370 homes FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp, broke ground on its first – and largest – international solar energy facility on Monday. The facility near the Cologne, Germany airport will house over 16,000 square meters of solar panels. The new solar panel installation is slated

Bipartisan Senate Bill To Extend Renewable Tax Credits

After much arm wrestling, the Senate came to an agreement on energy tax breaks which are set to expire later this year. Both Sens. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), of the Senate Finance Committee, made the announcement on Tuesday. The tax package will provide $17 billion in renewable energy tax breaks. It will

House Gives America An Oil Change In Energy Policy

After a hefty long debate over offshore drilling and new energy policies, the House passed the ever unpopular Comprehensive American Energy Security & Consumer Protection Act. The bill which will open up new areas of the country to oil drilling, but it also comes with increased support for renewables. The bill – weighing in at

Palin Tells Schwarzenegger to Veto Bill Aimed at Port Pollution

Just a day before being picked as the GOP vice president, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wrote a letter to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urging him to shoot down a groundbreaking pollution-reduction effort aimed at cargo containers: she asked the Governator not to sign a bill that would impose heavy fees on ships entering the ports

Updated: MTV Taps Online Video To Kill Greenwashing

What happens when corporations stop greenwashing…and start being real? MTV wants to find out. The NYC-based network just launched a global marketing push to tackle climate change with TV ads attacking those guilty of greenwashing. All of this is part of their youth-targeted climate change initiative called MTV Switch. The launch includes not only TV

The Dems Fold With A New Offshore Drilling Plan

Democrats caved came to a new proposal on Wednesday which would allow offshore drilling 50 miles from the coast if the state approves: federal waters within 50 miles of shore would continue to be protected. Waters off Florida’s Gulf coast also would remain protected at least until 2022 under the plan. The proposal is expected

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