Global Warming Videos (Best, Funniest, Most Inspiring)


The Onion on Twitchy Climate Scientists

Rachel Maddow: Global Warming Isn’t the Opposite of Snow

NRDC on Polluters Needing to Clean Up or Pay

Bill McKibben on David Letterman

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Page 2 –>Β Specific Climate Science Topics & Myths
Page 4 –>Β Activism Videos

5 thoughts on “Global Warming Videos (Best, Funniest, Most Inspiring)”

  1. I think some people do care. Most have short sight and and a box of bandaids. The think there is a person somewhere who has the job to fix it , when it’s too late. Wouldashouldacoulda. I am old now chicken little lost her voice. Only born 3/4/55. Feeling old. I thought I would live to see Peace ! I thought our precious Home would be our precious priceless Opal . man wont be satisfied until it’s uninhabitable . I am sorry children . They were blinded by greed,lust,

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