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Global Warming Videos (Best, Funniest, Most Inspiring)

Activism Videos


“I AM” Sea Level Rise

Tim DeChristopher at Power Shift 2011

Tim DeChristopher on Going to Prison


Tim DeChristopher Imprisonment/Peaceful Uprising Call to Action

21-Year-Old Speech at Climate Conference

21-year-old Anjali Appadurai, a student at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, rocks it at the COP17 climate conference in Durban, South Africa:

350.org Activists in Vietnam (Beautiful Song & Video)

Who Cares About This Planet?

There’s No Planet B


Musical Activism from Men with Day Jobs

“Just Do It” Theatrical Trailers


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  1. Do You Know the Cause of 51% or More of Humanity’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions? | Planetsave

    […] If you answered ‘animal agriculture’ or ‘livestock production’ (essentially, meat and dairy production) to the question above, you were right. I wrote about a study on this matter many moons ago, on Planetsave and on a couple of other Important Media sites. An article on the study, Livestock and Climate Change, was published in the journal World Watch and was quickly attacked by the livestock industry. Some tried to publish a critique of the study (including co-authors of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization study Livestock’s Long Shadow, which found that 18% of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions came from livestock production), but none were able to do a good enough job to get such a critique published in a peer-reviewed journal. –> Highly recommended: What is Causing Global Warming? –> You may also like: Global Warming Videos (Best, Funniest, & Most Inspiring) […]

  2. ClareFrancis

    I think some people do care. Most have short sight and and a box of bandaids. The think there is a person somewhere who has the job to fix it , when it’s too late. Wouldashouldacoulda. I am old now chicken little lost her voice. Only born 3/4/55. Feeling old. I thought I would live to see Peace ! I thought our precious Home would be our precious priceless Opal . man wont be satisfied until it’s uninhabitable . I am sorry children . They were blinded by greed,lust,

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