Global Warming Videos (Best, Funniest, Most Inspiring)

Specific Climate Science Topics & Myths

Our World Heating Up

In combination with its 2011 findings, NASA also released an updated version of its iconic visualization showing, in 30 seconds, annual temperature anomalies since it started keeping records in 1884. Here’s that:

Isaac Asimov on the Greenhouse Effect: 1977

Isaac Asimov on the Greenhouse Effect: 1989

It’s Cold, So There Can’t be Global Warming

CO2 is Plant Food

Science Sways Former Climate Skeptic

“Temperature Leads Carbon” Crock

CO2 Emissions: Volcanoes vs Humans (& The Big Swindle)

“The Earth is Carbon Starved”

Record Highs vs Record Lows

Growing Hockey Stick of Sea Level Rise

And more on climate change and sea level rise (though, quite a bit older):

Radiative Properties of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

On the (rather important) radiative properties of greenhouse gas emissions:

Melting Permafrost in Siberia

Climate Tours in Google Earth Summary

Time History of Atmospheric CO2


What Will Climate Change Do to the Oceans?

Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes

Permian Extinction

This is What Global Warming Looks Like

And a handful more on specific topics:

  1. Climate Science in a Nutshell [VIDEOS #1-4]
  2. Climate Science in a Nutshell [VIDEOS #5-8]
  3. Global Warming and More Severe Typhoons [VIDEO]

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  1. I think some people do care. Most have short sight and and a box of bandaids. The think there is a person somewhere who has the job to fix it , when it’s too late. Wouldashouldacoulda. I am old now chicken little lost her voice. Only born 3/4/55. Feeling old. I thought I would live to see Peace ! I thought our precious Home would be our precious priceless Opal . man wont be satisfied until it’s uninhabitable . I am sorry children . They were blinded by greed,lust,

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