FedEx Ups Its Solar Power Production To Almost Double

FedEx’s New Solar System Is Enough To Power 370 homes

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp, broke ground on its first – and largest – international solar energy facility on Monday. The facility near the Cologne, Germany airport will house over 16,000 square meters of solar panels.

The new solar panel installation is slated for completion by 2010; a 1.4-megawatt (MW) solar power system that will generate 1.3 GWhs of electricity/year. That is equivalent to the annual consumption of 370 homes!

The hub which is located in Cologne, Germany will about double FedEx’s on-site solar energy production.

Back in 2005, FedEx’s Oakland solar hub was California’s biggest rooftop solar system installation; the panels provide 20% of the facilities electrical needs. In its first three years online it offset more than 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions! FedEx also has solar facilities in Whittier and Fontana, California – together all three facilities offset 2.9 M pounds of C02 emissions every year.

In Geneva, Switzerland, a FedEx station uses a geothermal system to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Looks like FedEx is trying to clean up its environmental record, starting with energy.

Image source: wwfcanada on Flickr

8 thoughts on “FedEx Ups Its Solar Power Production To Almost Double”

  1. The great world wide depression is upon us. Oil will rise in price as fast as the OPEC countries can do it. We will face energy shortages that will drive solar development. We will burn dirty coal to get by. we will pay a premium for all imports, oil included because the government is printing money as fast as it can to keep things liquid on wall street. we are in for inflation as never before! We need zero running cost, zero upkeep cost homes to keep our asses out of the cold. Small homes are better than foreclosed McMansions, or tents in the parks. The solar solution is at hand. the wind solution, with modern super magnet generators makes sense. Plant food in the parks, on lawns, and in vacant lots. It will be needed to feed the starving masses of unemployed urbanites!Investments in Solar cells can guarantee you will have lights , and investments in passive solar heating will give you some heat, better than no heat at all! The World markets crashed yesterday, and will open Monday in worse shape! All confidence is lost in our countries’ fiat money system because on a personal whim. our President decided to change the value of the dollar, for the world! They did not like it and will not be back! Invest in solar and wind for small gains, but certain gains, or burn dollar bills for heat this winter!

  2. i hate to say it but this is really just pr, I work for fedex and ive never seen such a wasteful company. the routes are not efficiently organized and they have cut way back on the hybrid program and are now forcing their couriers(me) to use vans that are less efficient than the old ones we started out with. don’t even get me started about the sheer volume of paper that gets (not that often recycled)wasted in the fedex office subsidiary. i actually feel pretty guilty working there

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