Earth Hour: Join Basketball Legend Bill Walton & NRG Home Solar To Fight Climate Change

As a website dedicated, in part, to sharing news and views on climate change and other environmental issues, when it comes to recommending ways to make positive changes in our personal lives it is difficult to pick a one-size-fits-all solution. However, if there’s one thing that anyone can do to help bring more awareness to the challenges we face on our planet, it’s something that’s rather simple and easy to do, and this year, it could also put some prizes in your hands.

Earth Hour is a global “lights out” event that began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007 and has since grown to include people from more than 162 countries across the planet, sending a message of climate solidarity coursing around the Earth.

Earth Hour 2015 happens on March 28th, 2015, at 8:30 pm (regardless of your time zone), and this year, NRG Home Solar, along with the basketball legend Bill Walton, want you to share what your Earth Hour super power is, and to take a pledge to find out more about how solar energy can help your wallet and the environment.

Those taking the pledge to share their Earth Hour super power and learn more about solar energy will be entered to win 1 of 10 “Earth Boxes” (valued at more than $500). These prizes include a Visa gift card, a rechargeable flashlight and speaker from Goal Zero, some seed bombs, and more.

And even if you don’t take home one of these Earth Boxes, you can still help boost solar energy, because if the NRG Home Solar campaign garners more than 1000 pledges, the company will donate $20,000 to Grid Alternatives, which is an organization that provides solar power for low-income families in the US.

Take the pledge at NRG Earth Month and get entered into the drawing for one of the Earth Boxes.

Why does Earth Hour matter? Turning off the lights for a single hour once per year, even if done across the planet, won’t make a significant dent in our energy consumption or CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. However, by bringing more attention to the issue, Earth Hour can serve as a powerful awareness-raising tool that could have a ripple effect on a much larger audience, and perhaps spur conversations and real-world change in people’s lives.

Why does solar energy matter? Because solar PV panels and other solar technology can effectively generate clean renewable energy, without emissions of any CO2 or greenhouse gases, installing more solar on homes and businesses can have a far-reaching effect on air pollution, global carbon emissions, and the cost of energy.

This post has been generously supported by NRG Home Solar.

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