Indoor Plants For Hire!

Need some plants for a large office? Or for an indoor recreational facility or retail store? Or perhaps for a mansion you own but can’t be bothered to populate with some ever-wonderful and health-boosting plants? Word on the street is that Gaddy’s plant hire has what you need.

Need more reason to check out this plant hire company? Well, it apparently does what it does rather well. It has been in service for over 30 years. It has developed hundreds of different plant + planter + top dressing options. Have a look at some of the options:

Of course, the plant hire company comes with some freebies. Consultation from plant and interior design experts is on the house. Regular maintenance from “expert maintenance technicians” is likely to keep your plants alive. They also get free haircuts (i.e., pruning), food (i.e., fertilizers), and healthcare (i.e., treatment for disease or pests). And if they do somehow die, don’t worry—you won’t be left with dead plants lying around your office or mansion. Gaddy’s plant hire will come and replace the plants (presumably not with plastic flamingos).

But there’s one very important point to keep in mind: this plant hire service (as you might expect from the language) is only available to Brits. This is not an American company or service.

Anyway, though, you’re interested, right? If so, you’ll be shocked by this one: you can contact the plant hire company via tele. The number is: 02 9606 6826. Or you can jump into the 21st century and contact folks at Gaddy’s online.

Don’t neglect to green your office or whatever it is that you have going on there. Check out this experienced plant hire service. And let us know if you have used the company or another and have some thoughts to share.

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