Cool Must-Have Pet App for iPhone or Android

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I don’t have a pet, but I have in the past and I care greatly about animals. (Have you noticed?) It’s amazing how much technology has changed in recent years and what kind of possibilities there are now — much different from when I had pets. Today, there are smart phone apps to usefully keep your pet’s most important information in your phone (to have with you wherever you go and whenever needed), to remind you of veterinarian appointments, or to find the closest veterinarian or pet hospital in times of emergency. Very useful.

I’m actually talking about one specific app, an app recently shared with me via our friends at Social Spark. It is the Purina Pet Health App. The app works with both iPhone and Android operating systems, and you can download it right now (download here).




I can’t imagine anyone without a pet would pass on putting this app in their phone. Even if you are a super organized person and don’t think you will ever forget to take your pet’s important info with you on a trip or to the vet, or miss a vet appointment, we all know that accidents can happen… and they often do when we least expect it. While this app may not prevent an accident from happening or another emergency from popping up, it does ensure that you will be able to find someone who can handle it as soon as possible so that your pet (if such a situation occurs) can be diagnosed and/or treated as soon as possible.

The app has some other cool features for helping to keep your pet in good shape and healthy, too.


Seriously, though, I’m not sure why you are even still reading — just download the Purina Pet Health App and make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your pet’s way! :D

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