Chimps Make Art For Competition

Remember Duchamp’s urinal?  Well, it appears he has been one upped in the art is very subjective point-making. Six chimps in various sanctuaries around the United states have been making art using paint and canvas.

Cheetah was used in lab research, but survived and lives in a Florida sanctuary. A chimp named Jamie actually used mixed media by incorporating shells into her painting.

Visitors to the Humane Society website can see the various art pieces (Voting, however, is already closed.) Winners will be announced on August 29th.

Click the thumbnails to see larger images. They resemble abstract paintings done by humans.

The contestants are:

Cheetah – Save the Chimps (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Ripley – Center for Great Apes (Wauchula, FL)

Brent – Chimp Haven (Keithville, LA)

Jamie – Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest (Cle Elum, WA)

Jenny – Primate Rescue Center (Nicholasville, KY)

Patti – Chimps, Inc. (Bend, OR)

Some of them were used in experiments and at least one was an actor in TV and movies. Chimp actors are often abandoned and can wind up as roadside attractions in states like Florida.

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