Boy Says Kangaroo Saved Him

Recently, it was reported that a kangaroo came to the aid of a seven-year-old boy in Australia. He was on a family outing in the Fleurieu Peninsula where he got lost, because he wandered away from them when he saw a wallaby and followed it into the bush. Then he started picking flowers for his mother, but became disoriented and couldn’t find his way back. Hours passed and night came, but the family couldn’t find him and he still didn’t remember how to get back to their picnic spot.

It turned out that picking the flowers attracted a kangaroo due to the smell, and it ate them while resting next to the boy. Then it fell asleep, thereby helping keep the boy warm on a cold night in wild land.

Meanwhile, a large police search was being conducted. Helicopters occasionally flew over him in Deep Creek Conservation Park, but they didn’t see him and he didn’t have a way to get their attention. Eventually, someone spotted him in the brush and he was winched to safety.

This kangaroo story with a happy ending, isn’t the only time one of the furry hopping marsupials has been involved in helping a human. In 2004, a kangaroo named Lulu alerted a family to the fact that one of their members had been injured when a tree branch fell on him.

Many news stories about animals focus on people getting attacked by them, which is related to the tendency to sensationalize or even demonize them.

According to the national government, there are over thirty million kangaroos there. Strangely enough, kangaroos are also used a food and one man says they should be the national meat in Australia.

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