15 New Bird Species Discovered In Amazon

Chorozinho-do-aripuanã is a small bird similar to the the Black-capped Antwren. It is one of 15 bird species new to science. More of them are pictured here. The birds were discovered across a span of twenty five years, but it was only recently that they were confirmed by scientists to be new species. Most of them were discovered in the last five to ten years. None of them currently have formal scientific names, but they will soon.

Image Credit: Fabio Schunk
Image Credit: Fabio Schunk

Brazil is home to eleven of them. Many of them live near rivers, so there are some implications about conserving these kinds of natural habitats for birds as well as aquatic species.

‘The Amazon actually has a great diversity…discovering new species ‘under our noses’ draws attention to the wealth of the forest. The Amazon continues to offer surprises, far beyond what we imagined,’  explained ornithologist Mario Cohn-Haft. (Source: Audubon Society)

Unfortunately some of these habitats are located in part Brazil
that is experiencing a high rate of deforestation. They are vulnerable species due to loss of habitat. Climate change will potentially wreak havoc on some forests, because of the effects it has on normal weather patterns. Less rain and more heat could dry up rivers and alter habitats for many species, including these birds. Species already vulnerable from habitat loss, will be compromised even further.

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