Republicans Want To Rob America … To Cut Taxes On The Rich

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Republican politicians are an interesting breed of liars…. Politicians are supposed to explain to the voting public why their complicated, detailed policies are worth supporting and good for the country as a whole, or at least their constituents. But Republican politicians push one kind of policy obsessively, the kind that gives more money to the […] read more

Hitching Your Wagon To A Con

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The people of the United States live in bubbles. We each fall into certain subcultures that have a lot of influence over what we think, what we feel, and what we are interested in discussing. In politics, subcultures are obsessively collected and fought over (via messaging/branding, if not policy) and major political parties do their best to motivate […] read more

Many Insects Resistant To Genetic Manipulation Via CRISPR Editing Tool, Research Finds

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Arguments for and against the use of genetic modification techniques in the agricultural and healthcare/disease-prevention sectors typically focus on potential impacts to human health, and/or to wider ecosystems and natural services (a much more important area to watch, in my opinion than human health). My issue with genetic modification and the use of genetically modified […] read more

Russian Oil, Russian Billions, Trump World, Russian Hacking, FBI Director Firing, & Democracy

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When you think of healthy democracies, you definitely think of petrostates, right? Some would like to characterize Russia as a more varied and robust economy — not quite a petrostate — but the US Energy Information Administration has pegged 50% of Russia’s government income as coming from oil & gas (for some reason, that link […] read more

Hillary Clinton Fires FBI Director Investigating Her Deep Ties To Russia & Potentially Hacking The US Election

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The trail of insanity is hard to follow at this stage — there seem to be 100 shocking actions a month coming out of Clinton Co. Democrats should be ashamed, especially since they are consistently defending Hillary for unconstitutional attacks on judges, the independent free press, US Congress, civil rights leaders, top US intelligence agencies, and […] read more

In The USA, It’s OK To Be An Idiot

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Let’s just start with a note that should be obvious to everyone: If Obama had deep and long financial ties to Russia (and many of his campaign leaders did as well), was under investigation by the FBI for this, and then fired the head of the FBI (right after he asked for more resources to […] read more

On The Wrong Side Of History …

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What happened with people who sided with Hitler and the Nazis in their quest to murder countless humans? As their crowd rose to the heights of power and prestige, many people who supported them must have thought their futures were looking up and they were setting up some kind of positive family reputation for future generations. To […] read more

Ocean Acidification To Bring Collapsing Food Web

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Ocean acidification created by continuing anthropogenic climate change will result in a collapsing food web, according to new research from the University of Adelaide. The new findings are the result of analysis focused around determining the effects of climate change on the world’s fisheries, and on overall marine biodiversity. Image via NOAA “Humans rely heavily […] read more

Humans Have Been In North America At Least 130,000 Years New Finds Show

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In a bit of news that shouldn’t be all that surprising to those who have taken a real look at the evidence, new finds at a site in San Diego have shown that humans have been living in North America for at least 130,000 years now. The new finds at the “Ice Age paleontological-turned-archaeological site in […] read more

Trump Considers Opening Pacific Coast To Oil Drilling

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The Trump administration is reviewing plans for offshore natural gas and oil drilling in the Pacific. There have been no new wells of the Pacific Coast of the United States since 1984. read more

Evangelical Conservatives Have A “Christian Worldview.” What Does That Mean For Climate Action?

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A Christian worldview that denies climate change and disparages news from mainstream media sources may be the reason why evangelicals do not take global warming seriously. Is there anything that can be done? read more

Permafrost Melting Could Add Huge Amounts Of Green House Gases To Atmosphere

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A new study finds permafrost melting is happening sooner and faster than expected, putting the earth in danger of significantly higher temperatures if the Paris climate accords are not adhered to. read more

Is Donald Trump Robbing The US?

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Frankly, when people have said that Trump only ran for president to boost his business, I didn’t agree. I think Donald is genuinely an old, angry, rich, white man who spends far too much time sitting on the couch watching Fox News and getting misinformed. I think he genuinely felt passionately that the country had gone to […] read more

When You Elect A Con Man, You Probably Got Conned

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The United States. “We” elected a man who for decades has had a reputation as a con man. What could go wrong?… ♠ He talked about bringing all Americans health care — more affordable and cheaper health care. Turns out, after trying to push through a health care plan that would result in ~20 million Americans losing […] read more

5 Issues With Trump’s Attack On Syria

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Donald Trump’s bombing of Syria was odd, and not just for one reason. There were a handful of oddities about it. 1. First of all, Trump heavily, heavily, heavily pushed Obama to not bomb Syria after Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his citizens a few years ago. It was a very similar situation, and it’s completely unclear […] read more

One Of The World’s Last “Giant Tusker” Elephants (Satao II) Killed By Poachers

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One of the last giant tusker elephants in the world, named Satao II by conservationists, was killed in Kenya earlier this year by poachers. He had apparently been (very likely) killed with a poisoned arrow near the boundary of the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya in January. Satao II was named after a famous […] read more