Climate Planet — An Experience In Multiple Dimensions

Published on October 11th, 2017 | by

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This summer I had the great fortune of being invited to the grand opening of this exceptional construction called Climate Planet at the harbor of Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture 2017 and so it is no coincidence Climate Planet startet out here. It was a great opportunity to make some noise about the […] read more

Talk About Disruption — Lab-Grown Meat Has Arrived!

Published on October 2nd, 2017 | by

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While everyone is talking about electric cars and autonomy as a huge disruptor to the global economy, there is another elephant in the room that not many people seem to notice — lab-grown meat! A few days ago news broke that China bought $300 million worth of lab-grown meat from three Israeli-based companies — SuperMeat, […] read more

Untreatable Super Malaria Spreading Rapidly In Asia — How Will Convergence Of Climate Change Induced Mosquito Expansion & Drug Resistance Play Out?

Published on September 30th, 2017 | by

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The modern world has a problem of overspecialization. The limits of extrapolating generalized truths from what can be observed in limited contexts and over limited periods of times have become more and more apparent in recent years as the blowback of the industrialized way of life, and its associated ways of thinking and interacting with […] read more

California May Ban Gas Cars

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Originally published on EV Obsession. Following similar moves elsewhere, authorities in the US state of California are now considering banning the sale of new gas- or diesel-powered cars there, going by comments made by the chairman of the California Air Resources Board in an interview with Bloomberg. That interview — with the California Air Resources […] read more

Antidepressant Drugs Are Building Up In The Brains Of Fishes In The Great Lakes, Study Finds

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Antidepressant drugs and their metabolites are building up in the brains of numerous fish species living in the Great Lakes region, new research has found. The species involved include bass, walleye, and numerous others — in other words, fishes that are commonly eaten. While it’s not common practice in the modern US for people to […] read more

Why Donald Trump Constantly Talks Crap About The Media

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When Trump lies, the press tells the public. When The Donald says something stupid, the press explains why it’s so. For a serial liar and someone hugely uninformed and misinformed, it’s no surprise at all that he would hate the press and want to wage a war of words on it. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t […] read more