38 Top Political Tweets of the Day — #TrumpShutdown #ResignTrump


Following yesterday’s post about 11 top political tweets of the day, here’s one on 15 top political tweets since that article. Again, each tweet is followed by a two-liner.

Tweet of the day. #NailedIt

Actually, that one might be best. Not even jokingly, I think this is what’s needed — after impeachment.

Priorities, Jeff. Useless walls first, humans last.

Seriously. Who at this point can say with an honest face that voting for Don the Con Trump wasn’t a huge political mistake — big league!

This president is a disaster, even more that most of us expected. Nonetheless, there are still apparently clueless or brainwashed Fox News viewers who don’t understand why Don the Con is our worst president in history.

Yep, as highlighted in the Obama years, Republicans are the party of no. They don’t like having a functional government, so they routinely break the government and don’t care about it.

Unethical. Incompetent.

Top professionals focused on national security and international security are spooked. We have an unhinged, unethical, incompetent commander of the armed forces — and that’s worse now that we don’t have a sensible scholar between him and the troops.


Remember, Josh Campbell is a former FBI agent. This is mind-blowing, and Don the Con Trump should be impeached today.

That’s Trump. Republicans need to wake up.


Enough said. Trump is good at shutting stuff down after failure, not at making progress.

How this guy actually got into office is shameful. That said, it was also probably criminal.

A Congresswoman with a conscience. Trump doesn’t care, and that’s a problem.

Ugh — reminder that Trump isn’t the only heartless Republican “leader” in DC. They all need to go.

The thing is: Trump doesn’t care about other people. And the bigger thing: most Republicans in Congress don’t seem to care about others either.


The bothsiderism is horrible, disgusting, and so misleading. People need to understand and communicate the difference between Republican and Democrats.

The Republican Party in a nutshell. Was so happy to see Ryan go, but next rich white guy on the plate is quite similar.

The spineless, useless Republican Party. What’s new?

Indeed. Exactly — spineless, unethical, undemocratic, treasonous Republicans in Congress have enabled this nonsense, and it is apparently only going to get worse the longer they don’t stand up to temper tantrum Trump.

Whitaker does the unthinkable. Lawsuits be flyin’.

Duh. Double duh.

WOW. This is actually my favorite tweet of the day.

Whoa — what a comment. And perhaps the most notable thing is the person who made it.

This is so freakin’ corrupt. We have such a criminal president.

The hypocrisy — it burns. Seriously, the things Trump is doing are 100x as concerning as anything the Clintons did.

Stone lied all over the media? You’re kidding me!

Whoa. This is a big problem for us politically, and Citizens United needs to go, which means Republicans need to go.

Exactly. This.

Hmm, this is a hard one. Got any more clues?

Hahaha. LOL.

Damn! And isn’t that the point?

But I have a question. When have modern Republicans ever been pro-democracy.

Factual, and also so serendipitously perfect. Touché, Corn.


Exactly — time for Republicans to do something, beyond some ephemeral words of disappointment. Republicans need to stand up for the United States, for Americans.

It’s almost as if the lady knew a thing or two about politics, and about Donald Trump. If only a few more people had learned more than Republican propaganda.

Ugh, that’s getting real. Too sad.

Our clueless tweeter in chief has another great idea: fire a completely functional capable Federal Reserve chief due to the economic challenges he has created himself.

This is concerning. We have a president working purposefully or inadvertently on behalf of our enemies rather than our friends, and sensible people in the military are starting to resign in protest.

#Winning. This is Trump World.

Also, you’ve got to watch this short video:

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