Look, If You Can’t See How Trump Tricks You, You Have Some Serious Blinders On

It’s been obvious for years, but let’s just make it explicit. Donald Trump bashes, lies about, and demonizes anyone who could tell you about his crimes, lies, and immoral behavior.

Why does Trump attack the media so much? Because the media investigates people like him to uncover the truth and to uncover corruption.

Why does Trump attack critics on his own team so much? Because those critics — including national heroes like John McCain — can damage his reputation.

Why does Trump criticize his own political appointees so often? Because those people have been in the room when he did dirty deeds. They can tell the world what he doesn’t want the world to hear.

Why does Trump criticize true people of service (including many Republicans) in the FBI, CIA, and Congress? Because those people might unveil crimes Trump committed, lies he tells for political gain, and the ways in which he works against the American people, against democracy, against the Constitution, and even against his own voters.

If you honestly think a lifelong Republican who led the FBI and comes across as the hero of a Hollywood film, several impartial leaders of the FBI and CIA and DOJ, the most well equipped and best independent press in the nation, and many leading Republican politicians are all evil people conspiring against Donald Trump, you are really missing the story here.

Don’t be fooled by a career con man.

Image by DonkeyHotey (some rights reserved)

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