Donald Trump Echoes Stalin, Holds Secret Meeting With Putin That Has “No Apparent Purpose” In Midst Of Investigation About Potential Putin–Trump Conspiracy To Cheat US Democracy

How anti-democratic, insane, and stupid do you have to be to be a Donald Trump (aka Don the Con) supporter? What has he done for the US public? Nothing. What has he done for the middle class? Nothing. What has he done for hard-working Americans? Nothing.

Meanwhile, what has he done for himself? Well, he has racked up millions of dollars in revenue spent visiting his properties on the taxpayer dime as he has golfed a record number of times in such a short time. He and his family have gotten business deals in foreign countries that they wanted for years. His ego has been inflated like the Hindenburg as he has gone from fake successful businessman to fake successful president. How much fun it is to play king!

This past week, in the midst of an investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential conspiracy to cheat in the US election with the help of the Russian government, Don the Con for some reason had to have a private two-hour meeting with Russian mafia king and democracy hater Vladimir Putin. It seems that none of his top staff know the reason for the meeting.

Following the meeting, Trump tweeted yet again an absurd claim that the media — one of the top sectors of society trying to bring out truth above lies — is “the enemy of the people.” For those who haven’t heard this by now, that phrase was used by anti-democratic, ruthless Soviet dictator Stalin.

“In his 1956 speech denouncing Stalin’s cult of personality, Stalin’s successor Nikita Khrushchev called for an end to the use of the term, stating “the formula ‘enemy of the people’ was specifically introduced for the purpose of physically annihilating such individuals” who disagreed with Stalin. For decades afterwards, ‘It was so omnipresent, freighted and devastating in its use under Stalin that nobody [in Russia] wanted to touch it. … except in reference to history and in jokes’, according to an author of a biography of Khrushchev, William Taubman.”

Seriously — that is the phrase Donald Trump used going into one of the most surreal political meetings in history. Coming out of the meeting, Trump slumped along and trailed Putin as he practically skipped onto the stage with a smile on his face. Whereas Don the Con oddly and inappropriately walked in front of Queen Elizabeth II days before, he seemed to be in slow motion as he let Putin get to the mic before him. Odd. But that was nothing compared to what was to come.

Trump, who seemed to be in invisible chains and nearly bowing to Putin through their joint press conference (which, let’s remind people, had no apparent purpose to all of Trump’s staff), repeatedly defended Putin and the Russian government while attacking the United States government, US intelligence community, US media, and the US politicians who suffered cyberattacks at the hands of the Russian government — and perhaps also members of the Trump campaign.

“Treason” was a term high-ranking former members of US security forces determined was not too strong to use as a descriptor of Trump’s actions.

Whether you can see that Don the Con incessantly attacks US democracy — often several times a day — or not, take note that Trump has done essentially nothing for you while filling up his bank accounts on taxpayer money and attacking any patriots — Republican, Democrat, or Independent — who speak up on behalf of the United States over Donald Trump and his lies.

Numerous Republican and Democratic political leaders are sounding alarm bells and the harshest terms not because they dislike Trump personally, but because they never expected such extreme attacks on US democracy from the president of the United States.

Here are some longtime Republican leaders speaking out against Trump’s almost inexplicable coziness with Putin:

Here are former leaders of the US CIA speaking out in frantic concern about what is happening:

Here are other stark comments on these anti-US developments from the US president:

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