Dancing Rabbit Eco Village: The Inside Scoop

A welcome sign in front of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Unless you live in an eco village or other form of intentional community, you’re probably curious about the lifestyle. You’ve probably already got some images stuck in your head (I know the commune from Easy Rider always comes to my mind). You may even cling to a few stereotypes. But, as you’ve seen here at Planetsave, contemporary eco village life doesn’t necessarily conform to those stereotypes… it can be both hip and hippie, modern and simple, and, above all, deeply green.

Don’t take my word for it, though — I don’t live in an intentional community. Nathan Brown does, however, and today, he’ll be talking to folks at AwakeNow! Radio about his life at northeast Missouri’s Dancing Rabbit eco village (yep, the same place that PS contributor Brian Liloia lives). Nathan (whom I’ve gotten to know over the past few months) serves as a great example of how this kind of lifestyle can combine the simple with the very modern: while life at DR revolves around farming, strawbale building, vegan diets, and the like, he’s also very involved in online business and other web-based efforts (and tells me he’d have no problem running a tech company there).

The show will air today (August 12th) at 4pm Central. Hosted on the popular BlogTalkRadio site, AwakeNow! Radio allows for calling in and other forms of audience participation… and will then be archived after the live show has aired.

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