Take Action: Help Dig Up the Details on the Candidates' Energy and Environmental Records

An investigator peeks around a cornerSo, what do you know about Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s energy and environmental policy proposals?

Probably the basics: Obama supports spending $150 billion over ten years to kick-start the “green economy.” Both support cap-and-trade systems to address climate change. McCain’s become a strong proponent of opening up more offshore areas to oil and gas drilling.

Now, what do you know about their records on these issues? Their past statements, writings, and votes?

Probably not nearly as much. The candidates have had ample opportunities to present their proposals, but few media outlets are providing details on how each of these men has approached energy and environmental issues in the past. As these issues are tied directly to the US’ economic health, they’re now front and center in this last month of campaign season.

So, are you willing to wait for the mainstream media to provide such details? If so, good luck.  If you’re not, why not join us in digging for the specifics.

Last week, we announced a crowd-powered “scavenger hunt” for information.  Red, Green and Blue, along with social media start-up ReframeIt, invite you to put on your trench coat and fedora, and play investigator. Go find those speeches, writings, statements and votes that give your fellow citizens a sharper picture of where a President Obama, or a President McCain, might lead us on these important issues.

Interested? Details are available at RG&B.

Image credit: ankarino at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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