Win!: Every Major UK Supermarket Says ‘Yes’ to CCTV Cameras in Slaughterhouses!

This Animal Aid is one I’ve covered a couple times and have been following closely. It is a campaign to get CCTV cameras in all UK slaughterhouses, to try to help prevent completely insane animal cruelty that has been documented by undercover investigations and fly-on-the-wall cameras.

After a few months of work, Animal Aid has now gotten every single major supermarket in the UK on board in supporting this idea.

“Iceland has now joined Aldi, Asda, the Co-op, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and wholesalers Booker in agreeing to Animal Aid’s call for them to insist on their meat suppliers having independently monitored CCTV cameras in the stunning and slaughter (and shackling in the case of poultry) areas of their slaughterhouses,” Animal Aid writes.

“This will prevent some of the appalling brutality revealed by our undercover investigations. The law was being broken in seven out of the eight slaughterhouses in which we have filmed.”

Of course, animals ‘farmed’ for human consumption will still suffer, but this is a significant and hopefully effective step forward in making their lives a little less painful.

Animal Aid writes: “farmed animals will still suffer, and Animal Aid will continue to promote a cruelty-free vegan diet as the only way to stop that completely.” Kudos to Animal Aid for the great work they do and the big picture view they take (and share).

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Photo via Dror Feuer

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