Weird Australian Weather for Christmas

If you are planning on visiting Australia for the Christmas holidays, make sure to bring an extra jacket or poncho, because the weird, wonderful and wacky Melbourne weather seems to be catching all across the eastern seaboard of my beautiful country.

Monday saw 10 centimetres (four inches) of snow fall on some of our snow resorts, which would be a wonderful start to the snow season if it was six months earlier; but considering that we’re in the middle of summer and all of our homemade Christmas songs have to do with BBQ’s and beach and sunburn, things are a little confusing.

The rain is falling every day, bringing Australians closer each day to calling an end to the many droughts which have plagued the country for the past several decades. But whether the droughts have ended, or are just taking their own Christmas holiday is, I guess, yet to really be seen.

Forecasts for Christmas day suggest that we won’t be encountering any white Christmas’s downunder this year, but the good news is that our water storage levels are up over 20% since this time last year, a miracle considering the low levels and increased water restrictions we have been facing over the past decade.

So, coming to Australia? Don’t know what to pack? Neither do we, and we live here!

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