Want An Electric Bike? DIY (VIDEO)

There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects out there. But I think this one may be the most useful and awesome one I’ve seen. Electric bikes are great, but they’re quite expensive. Micah Toll* recognized this years ago and built himself an electric bike.

Then he started building electric bikes for others. Then he started teaching others how to build electric bikes. Then he wrote and self-published an ebook about how to build electric bikes (ebikes). The end? Nope, of course not. The ebook was very popular, but as he writes, people started asking for a “real book.” He then went on and self-published a paperback version that he funded via Kickstarter.

Now Micah’s back on Kickstarter raising money to publish a hardcover book. In just a few days, he has far surpassed his goal. However, he can print more and you can get your own copy if you pledge some moneez over on the Kickstarter page.

Frankly, I’ve been covering electric bikes for years. There are many out there, including some really beautiful ones, but if I had any need for an electric bike, I’d definitely go this route. Cheap, seemingly easy, fun, and you can even get one-on-one support from Micah if you want (and pledge enough).

For more inspiration, here’s a video Micah created as well as his intro on why electric bikes are so freakin’ awesome:

I built my first electric bicycle years ago to allow me to commute around the city, up steep hills and to the far edges of town without breaking a sweat and without spending any money on gas. From the first moment I instantly knew I had a love affair with electric bicycles. That’s when I became hooked.

What I love most about electric bicycles is that at the end of the day, it’s still a bicycle! I can pedal my ebike whenever I want, but if I get tired or I feel like riding up a hill at 20 mph, I can just turn the throttle and take off! I can still get exercise whenever I want, but I can also have the performance of an electric motorcycle in a sleek, stealthy package. I couldn’t believe that all of this could be had in one bike, and for so little money too!

*Disclosure: This article was supported by The Awesome Micah Toll. (“The Awesome” is my own insertion, not a requirement from Micah.)

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