UK Businesses Embracing National Energy Saving Challenge

Businesses across the United Kingdom are setting a fantastic example for the rest of the word by embracing an energy saving challenge set out by Love Energy Savings*. The energy price comparison site, which has been making waves over the last few years due to its transparent service and cheap gas and electricity prices, published an interactive infographic last year and SME’s have been responding with aplomb.

The challenge is based around how much money businesses can save before the financial year ends in April, and how these funds can be used to boost other areas of any given company. For instance, it is thought that so much money can be saved by organisations taking part that they could pump money into things such as marketing, staff, and even strategy. In addition to this, SME’s will be able to confidently tell customers that they are doing more than their bit for the environment, something that has become all the more important given the added emphasis on green energy.

The energy saving infographic can be found at Love Energy Saving’s ever popular energy news and money saving blog and comes complete with a live ticker, to let business owners and financial directors know exactly how long they have before the end of the financial year. This allows organisations to make these savings before they prepare for the new financial campaign; which has obvious economic benefits. Dedicated business electricity and business gas pages at the Love Energy website also contain a plethora of vital information.

In addition to the energy saving challenge and the interactivity of its infographic, Love Energy Savings also provides a range of energy saving tips and guides which can help to lower costs dramatically. Although comparing prices and getting onto a cheaper tariff or energy supplier is the biggest win, as it is thought that around 70% of UK businesses have not done this and are therefore on expensive rolled over deals; these pointers can complement this superbly. The article covers the following:

  • Monitoring heating in the workplace
  • Lighting
  • Employee engagement
  • The use of smart meters in the workplace
  • Technology costs
  • The energy switching process

When this article went to press, businesses in the UK had 67 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes, and 52 seconds left to make the changes needed to boost their bottom line significantly. Time will tell just how many companies in the country embrace the challenge, but the buzz seems to be very significant indeed. Perhaps other countries will follow suit and not only save themselves vast amounts of money, but also give the environment the boost that world leaders have been striving for.

About the Author: Charles Whitworth is a keen energy, sports, and current affairs writer and Editor of Love Energy Savings, the UK’s transparent and impartial energy comparison site. You can read more of his articles on his Google+ page and also follow him on Twitter at @whitworthseo.

*This article was kindly sponsored by Love Energy Savings.

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