TV News Completely Biased against Climate Change Action (Citizens Still Support It)

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Media Matters has conducted a study on the climate change and climate action coverage of major TV networks and has come to a striking (though, not too surprising) conclusion: these TV news networks heavily skew the debate towards climate inaction (at the great frustration of climate scientists and all those who care about a livable climate).

In better words than I could use to summarize, here’s more from Media Matters (via Climate Progress):

Media Matters analyzed television news guests who discussed the Environmental Protection Agency’s role in regulating greenhouse gas emissions from December 2009 through April 2011. Driven largely by Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, results show that in 76 percent of those appearances, the guest was opposed to EPA regulations while 18 percent were in favor. Of the appearances by elected officials, 86 percent were Republican. Only one guest in 17 months of coverage across nine news outlets was a climate scientist — industry-funded Patrick Michaels.

Yes, that is crazy…

  • 1 “climate scientist”?! (an infamous climate scientist self-admittedly funded in large part by the oil industry)
  • 86% Republican?! (a party known to be funded by Big Fossil Fuel and the only major political party in the world to systematically deny global warming is happening and is caused by humans)
  • Is there any wonder the U.S. public is confused about climate change and climate action ideas?

As opposed to the extremely broad scientific consensus that global warming is happening, is caused by humans, and requires immediate action to prevent considerable catastrophe, the media (and Fox News, in particular) drown the public in anti-climate-change and anti-climate-action propaganda.

While all this is occurring, the public has been pretty good (but certainly far from great) at trusting the scientists and not the news anchors. 71-76% support EPA action to regulate greenhouse gases!

But, the propaganda has definitely spread and confused the American public about climate change more than any other society, as we’ve reported a number of times on here.

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And take action in other ways:

  1. Go Solar
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For much more info on Media Matters‘ study, check out: Media Matters Exposes TV News Bias Against Climate Action: “76% Of Total Guests Were Opponents Of GHG Regulation”

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