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Going through the trouble of planning a trip to a place in the city I hadn’t been was fu a long time back, but these days, the time to do so often steals time away from other important matters. So, I’m pretty psyched to find out about an app, TripGo*, that will automatically plan trips for you based on what’s in your calendar.

“It intelligently proposes the best connections for you, so you can relax and enjoy your day,” the website states.

The really nice thing is that TripGo doesn’t lock you in to one transport mode or preference. You can choose the most efficient, fastest, or cheapest route. Overall, TripGo brings in 10 different types of public, private, or personal transportation. (10 different types!?)



Another great thing about the app is that the results are in real-time and incorporate your location via GPS. You can also set the time you want to arrive. I use a Poland-specific public transportation app with these incorporated and they make a world of difference. These are critical to a genuinely useful transportation app.

TripGo takes it one step further, too. You can import common routes or destinations and just tap to see when you need to leave for them, especially helpful when you are off schedule for some reason.

Over 500,000 people have now used TripGo. I’d say that’s a sign of an app people like to share with their friends.

The startup also seems to have a pretty big team of developers and designers.

Head on over to to get the app. It currently serves over 50 cities. (Unfortunately, I have to wait for it to get to my city, or I need to move to a city where I can use it… which is somewhat in the plans anyway.)

*This article has been courteously sponsored by TripGo. That said, I wouldn’t run a sponsored post on Planetsave if I didn’t think it was worth publishing and would help the planet.

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