Top Planetsave Posts of June & 2nd Monthly $30 Cash Giveaway

With June just wrapped up, it’s time again for sharing our top 20 articles of the month and giving you the opportunity to win $30. To start with, here are our top 20 stories from June:

  1. Large Solar Flare Erupts with ‘Spectacular’ Coronal Mass Ejection {VIDEO}
  2. Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling Pool at Nebraska Nuclear Plant
  3. Lunar Eclipse 2011 & Solar Eclipse Photos & Videos
  4. Obama Administration Ordered a “total and complete” News Blackout Regarding Near Catastrophic at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant — Don’t Think So
  5. NASA Shows Chilean Volcano Plume Moving Around the World
  6. Vigilante NYC Bicyclist Gets Ticket for Not Riding in Bike Lane, Then ALWAYS Rides in Bike Lane {Awesome Video}
  7. Existence of ‘Uncontacted’ Amazonian Tribe Confirmed {VIDEOS}
  8. Michele Bachmann: Officially Insane? (GOP Debate Afterthoughts)
  9. Arizona Wildfires Have Burned Down 30 Homes, Forced 10,000 to Evacuate, & Now Headed for New Mexico {VIDEO & PICTURES}
  10. Image Down Center of Erupting Nabro Volcano
  11. Dude, Surfs Up on the Sun — Classic ‘Surfer’ Waves Seen in Solar Atmosphere {VIDEO}
  12. Scenes from the 2011 Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle {VIDEOS}
  13. Cat Hugs Kitten {VIDEO}
  14. Nebraska Nuclear Situation Gets Worse
  15. Summer Solstice (Longest Day of Year) Today! (+ Pictures)
  16. First Net-Zero School Building Helps Teach Students Value of Sustainability
  17. In Defense of Crap
  18. Nude Photo Shoot to Protect Oldest Tree in North America Interrupted by Police {VIDEO}
  19. Sea Shepherd Hits Immediate Conflict in Libya Waters {VIDEO}
  20. Tornado Videos from Space

Is your favorite on the list?

Now, you can enter the $30 cash sweepstakes in a different way this month. Rather than choosing your favorite article of the month, you enter the sweepstakes by:

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  1. Planetsave, you offer a superb online magazine by combining today’s environmental concerns with Science, Humor, and Humanity, and you
    do this world-wide. I’ve watched you grow, and it has been an amazing and wonderful journey. Thanks for your good work, and I even did the survey 🙂

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