Top Animal Stories of the Week {8 Cute or Crazy Animal Videos}

Here are some top animal stories, pictures, and videos of the week (other than what we’ve covered already). Feel free to drop more stories, pictures, videos, etc. in the comments below if you have them. The first 7 videos aren’t all the newest, but they’re all new to me (and maybe to you, too). They’re of endangered baby animals from around the world.

1. The first one is just a baby sloth yawning, but I think I could watch that all day. 😀

2. And how about these twin baby polar bears? 😀

3. Here’s one of a baby white-cheeked gibbon with its teddy bear mom and bottle — adorable. You can enjoy a strong Australian accent in this video, too.

4. The San Diego Zoo just welcomed a baby gorilla to the community. Here’s more:

5. From July 12, twin baby orangutans in the Hong Kong Zoo.

6. A baby Okapi! (interesting animal)

7. Lastly, 7 lion clubs playing with their moms!

OK, on to the stories….

Turtles & Tortoises

  1. Shrimp Boats Killed Nearly 5,000 Loggerheads Last Year, Study Finds [McClatchy]
  2. INFOGRAPHIC: Marine turtles in the Coral Triangle [WWF]
  3. In Remote Indonesia, Visit to Green Sea Turtle Hatchery Saves “Max” (Slideshow) [TreeHugger]
  4. No Leg Is No Problem For Tortoise With Wheel Prosthetic [Huffington Post/AP]


  1. Lessons From Diving With Whale Sharks [Huffington Post]
  2. Great white shark jumps from sea into research boat [Guardian]
  3. Paddling Right Above a Great White Shark [Huffington Post/Discovery Channel]


  1. NOAA: Crew acted responsibly before, after 2009 whale collision [NOAA]
  2. U.S. Declares Iceland in Defiance of Global Commercial Whaling Ban [NRDC]
  3. U.S. May Impose Sanctions Against Iceland For Escalating Whale Hunts Despite Moratorium [Huffington Post/AP]
  4. Whaling Commission too busy arguing about not disagreeing to save any whales [Greenpeace]

More Sea Creatures

  1. PHOTOS: Critically Endangered Staghorn Coral Spotted By Dr. Sylvia Earle [Huffington Post]
  2. More Than Half of Tuna Species Facing Extinction, But Over-Fishing Them is “Too Profitable” to Stop… [TreeHugger]
  3. First Fish Photographed Using Tool To Help It Eat [TreeHugger]
  4. U.S. joins more than 50 nations in adopting recommendation to list vessels engaged in illegal fishing around the world [NOAA]

Animals & Humans — not always a great mix

  1. ‘Project Nim’: An Experiment To Make A Monkey Human, Gone Wrong [Huffington Post]
  2. Primates as “Pets”? Not on Your Life [Huffington Post]
  3. Leopard Attacks Indian Village, 11 People Injured (DISTURBING PHOTOS) [Huffington Post]
  4. Marauding Gangs of Monkeys Invade Rio de Janeiro [TreeHugger]
  5. Animal experiments increase again [Animal Aid]
  6. Arctic Blog: Tracking the Impact of Oil Development on Wildlife [Yale Environment 360]

Foie Gras Activism

  1. Activists Hate Foie Gras Donuts, Protest Restaurant [Huffington Post]
  2. Stop foie gras promotion Factory farming) [Animal Aid]

More Animal Stories

  1. Animals Finding Ways To Stay Cool [Huffington Post]
  2. Communities for tigers [WWF]
  3. Tiny Chihuahua Scares Off Armed Robbers (Video) [Huffington Post]
  4. Conservationists Save Rare Blue Iguana From Extinction [TreeHugger]
  5. Urge Western Governors to Prevent Wholesale Wolf Slaughter [Defenders of Wildlife]

OK, one last video for those who made it to the bottom! Dogs swimming with sharks and then one biting/playing with a shark! Wow.

More videos, pictures, or stories?

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