Top 7 Animal Videos of the Week + Baby Dalmation Pics + More

Top animal videos and stories of the week, in no particular order:

Amazing story (& video) of a few men saving a whale, and the show the whale put on for him afterwards

Cute as heck(!!) baby screech owls getting weighed (one even yawns at the end)

Kitten vs Apples (MUST WATCH)

Baby pygmy hippo! (important little hippo)

Baby sea turtles get released, swept away by ocean in Cabo San Lucas

Crazy guy feeds (toys with?) crocodile, doesn’t get eaten by it

Seriously crazy viral cat video

16 Dalmatian Puppies Born (Not 101, but Huge Litter by Normal Standards)

Now, for some (mostly) more serious animal news:

  1. Scientists To Track Penguins In Wild With Satellite Transmitters
  2. After 8 Decades, Tiny Toad Resurfaces in Asia
  3. We All Suffer When Large Animals Removed From Our Environment, Entire Ecosystem Feels It
  4. NOAA is taking steps to protect sea turtles in the Gulf
  5. Greenpeace Condemns Whaling Nations’ Sabotage as IWC 63 Closes in Jersey
  6. Whaling body outlaws malpractice with anti-corruption reform
  7. Oil exploration raised at IWC as threat to critically endangered whales
  8. Shell’s drilling off Australia could ‘devastate’ endangered marine life
  9. Truck spills 14 MILLION bees and their honey in crash
  10. Catalan politicians reaffirm support for bullfight ban
  11. Unique Pig-Nosed Turtle Reaches Brink of Extinction
  12. Smuggler Strapped 15 Live Lizards To Chest, Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison
  13. ‘Zookeeper’ Premiere Protested Over Animal Abuse Allegations, Giraffe Death
  14. Undercover PETA Video Leads To Felony Charges For Lab Workers
  15. Tragic human death by a grizzly, and the need for more resources to avoid conflicts
  16. Wherever I lay my shell, that’s my home
  17. Free “Pocket Penguins” App Offers Live Views of Endangered Penguins 24/7
  18. Sec. Salazar agrees to weak Wyoming wolf plan
  19. Good news for orang-utan and pygmy elephants in the Heart of Borneo
  20. Whales and narwhals under threat from oil drilling
  21. Sperm whales: the 12-metre-long babysitters

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