Top 50 Solar Energy Stories Of 2013 (So Far): Part 4 (#31–40)

We’re trying to get more solar energy stories going here on Planetsave. To catch readers up, I’m doing a short series on the top 50 solar energy stories of 2013 so far. Learning from the Top 33 EV Stories article I recently published, I’m splitting this one into 5 posts. Otherwise, the page would take forever to load. Plus, it’s easier to swallow 10 at a time.

It’s pretty hard to actually rank these top 50 articles, so I didn’t even try. The list is in no particular order. The numbers are basically just for referring people (your friends, family, coworkers, etc) to specific stories you think are worth highlighting. Don’t forget to do that! Once the posts are up, I will add links here:

Here are 31–40:

31. New Jersey Passes 1 GW Solar Power Milestone, Aims For Much More

New Jersey vintage postcard
Image Credit: New Jersey vintage postcard via Shutterstock

New Jersey, the first or second best state in the country for solar power per capita, this year passed the 1,000 megawatt (1 gigawatt) solar power capacity milestone. And it has just approved funding for another 100 MW.

32. Solar Cooperative Gets Panels On 1 In 10 Roofs In Neighborhood Of DC


From the article linked above: “What began as a group of neighbors hoping to reduce their impact on global warming has since become a major force for solar advocacy in Washington, DC. The Mount Pleasant Solar Cooperative was started by two teenage boys who wanted to make solar power convenient and affordable through a bulk-purchase program. Along the way, the cooperatives new members realized that buying power wasn’t enough, and sought out changes in the district’s energy policies.” The neighborhood this year reached over 10% solar roofs! Imagine if such initiatives got going around the country. Maybe it’s time to start one in your neighborhood?

33. Brazil Gets Steady Surge Of Solar Power Plant Applications, & Solar-Powered World Cup Stadiums

Image Credit: Brazil flag via Shutterstock
Image Credit: Brazil flag via Shutterstock

In the spring, Brazil saw a surge of nearly 400 MW worth of solar power project applications in just one week. This followed early surges totaling 1,300 MW. The country is also working on several solar-powered stadiums for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the first of which (capped with 1,500 solar panels) was just opened.

34. Research Finds Solar–Wind Hybrid Power Plants Are Twice As Efficient

Photo Credit: taryn_* / / CC BY-NC-ND

A new study by the Reiner Lemoine Institut and Solarpraxis AG has found that solar and wind power generation complement each other better than previously thought, much better.

35. PACE Participation Keeps Growing

Image Credit: PACENOW
Image Credit: PACE NOW

Property Assed Clean Energy (and energy efficiency) financing, one of the best tools for stimulating renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, continues to grow — largely in California, but also in Texas, Florida, and some other places.

36. Rajasthan Becomes Second Indian State To Cross 500 MW Solar Power Capacity

Reliance Industries’ 5 MW solar PV project at Khimsar, Rajasthan Image Credit: Reliance Industries Limited, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited
Reliance Industries’ 5 MW solar PV project at Khimsar, Rajasthan
Image Credit: Reliance Industries Limited, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited

The western Indian state of Rajasthan recently became the second state to have an operational solar power capacity of over 500 MW. Last year, another western state, Gujarat, achieved this milestone with its aggressive solar power policy.

37. US State Solar Jobs Map Unveiled

Image Credit: The Solar Foundation
Image Credit: The Solar Foundation

The US solar industry is now over 119,000 solar jobs strong. Those jobs are being mapped in very cool ways here.

38. 12-Year-Old Girl Building Her Own Solar-Powered House — What’s Your Excuse?


From the article: “A 12-year-old student, inspired by the documentary We, the Tiny House People, is currently in the process of building her own 128 square-foot, entirely solar-powered home (featuring a 30-foot loft). With someone as young as that building her own energy-independent home, it begs the question, Why am I not doing that?

39. Another Solar Power Record Set In Germany — Peak Power Output Of 22.68 GW On April 15

Solar Record 15th April 2013

Germany has been setting solar record after solar record. On April 15 it set another peak power solar output record of 22.68 GW. And in 2012 it set a solar PV installation record of 7.6 GW.

40. Spain Planning An Unsubsidized 250 MW Solar Power Plant (+ Unsubsidized Solar Becoming A No-Brainer)

Solar photovoltaic Spain
Image Credit: Solar Field In Spain (not the planned power plant) via Shutterstock

250 MW is huge. Unsubsidized is huge. Congratulations to Spain!

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