Top 20 July Stories + Cash Sweepstakes

Check out our top July stories below (with # of views listed on the right, according to Google Analytics).

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fire yellowstone

  1. Climate Change to Dramatically Alter Yellowstone Fire Cycle — 7,204
  2. Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields — 5,968
  3. Tree Hugging Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Health — 3,750
  4. Plastic {Infographic} — 3,149
  5. France is Now First Nation to Ban ‘Fracking’ — 2,420
  6. New Zealand Earthquake Causes Tsunami Warnings — 2,189
  7. 2011 Gulf Dead Zone Could Be Biggest Ever {VIDEO} — 2,022
  8. Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan — 1,884
  9. U.S. Declares Iceland in Violation of Global Whaling Ban, May Impose Sanctions — 1,652
  10. Ancient Lake Linked to San Andreas Earthquakes — 1,364
  11. Thai Prostitutes Hired to Kill Rhinos in South African Trophy Hunting Scam — 887
  12. NO. Global Warming, Climate Scientists NOT in Tatters after New Study. — 800
  13. Detailed Look at Ice Loss Following Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse — 657
  14. Timelapse Video of the Phoenix Dust Storm — 636
  15. Worst Case Scenarios Not Worst Case Enough — 634
  16. As Arctic Ice Shrinks, Pacific Species Invade Atlantic, Causing Ecological ‘Tumult’ — 630
  17. Arizona Dust Storms Follow Tremendous Arizona Fires {Pictures} — 579
  18. Cancer Breakthrough: New Magnetic Nano-Particles Completely ‘Cook’ Tumors — 541
  19. Polar Bear Cubs Drowning due to Climate Change — 505
  20. Heroic Family rescues Humpback Whale from Fishing Net {Video} — 471

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Image Source: Carolyn Conner & Kevin Cole

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