The Crying Bull

I’m not sure if this story is true or not — I’ve been unable to track down the original source — but it very well could be, and I think it’s worth a share, so here it is (the remainder of this article is a full repost):

the bull who cried

The Bull Who Cried

Reported by “Weekly World News”, in Hong Kong, a group of workers took a bull to the slaughterhouse. They were about to enter the facillity when the bull suddenly stopped and knelt on its front paws.

The bull was crying.

Shiu, one of the workers, claims he started to shiver seeing those “scared and sad eyes”, and, as much as they tried to pull the bull inside, it wouldn’t move and just stood there, sobbing like a child.

The workers were not able to slay it, also tearing up at the sight, collecting funds to buy the animal and deliver it to the care of the monks of a nearby temple.

Apparently, when they said they would not kill it, the bull got up and followed them.

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