The Adirondacks: Rest, Relaxation, and Compostable Toilets

compostable toiletAfter leaving  Ontario last month, we drove to Lake Placid, NY, to spend several days enjoying the lakes and mountains of upstate New York.  We looked forward to a little hiking, maybe a few lake swims, but nothing really prepared us for the excitement of totally compostable toilets.

Seriously, The Wild Center, an indoor and outdoor nature center about 1/2 hour from Lake Placid sits inside the first LEED-certified museum in New York State.  You can tour the nature exhibits, watch a movie about the Adirondacks during the ice age narrated by Sigourney Weaver, and walk around the grounds outside to see live, local animals  But don’t miss the compostable toilets.

Like most of us, I am a bathroom user.  However, I dislike offensive smells, so I generally try to avoid out houses and port-a-potties.  The compostable toilets at The Wild Center look like regular toilets in a regular outdoor bathroom–clean, no bad smells, totally user-friendly toilets.  But they are also the most sustainable privvies available.  Everything that goes into the toilets comes out to be used as compost.  And these no-flush wonders use no water, so there really is no waste.

So if you are lucky enough to spend a few days in the Adirondacks on your vacation like we did last month, head to Lake Tupper, NY to visit The Wild Center.   It’s a great place to learn about compostable toilets.

Photo courtesy of David Lovinger

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