Author name: Sarah Pressman Lovinger

In trying to find the most effective way to help other people reduce their carbon footprints, Sarah turned to one of her favorite activities: writing. She started a green business,, to help her clients plan newsletters for their eco-friendly businesses. She also started her blog,, to provide useful advice to anyone who wants to lead a more environmentally friendly life. She also regularly contributes to, to let other Chicagoans know about eco-friendly stores, restaurants, and events. Sarah, an internal medicine doctor, works part-time in community health centers in the Chicago area. She graduated from Barnard College and Columbia University, and she lives in Evanston, IL, with her daughter and her husband. Stop by some time for some delicious, sustainable food--Sarah and her husband love to cook and entertain--any extras will end up outback in their composter.

Contaminants in Flood Waters Threaten Food Part I: Who is Watching?

Farming near a river bed is a great idea until it floods.  Soil near riverbeds tends to be more fertile, producing more abundant crops.  But when the river beds flood and drench contiguous farm land, the water can drag unwanted contaminants to the farmland, exposing health risks to anyone eating the crops from the flooded

Contaminants in Flood Waters Threaten Food Part I: Who is Watching? Read More 👉

Hot Fun in the City?

It’s not even summer on the calendar yet, and the temperature has already topped 100 degrees on several occasions in New York City. According to the Centers for Disease Control, global warming leads to more heat emergency days. In addition to the discomfort, increased need for air conditioning that strains the electrical grid in any

Hot Fun in the City? Read More 👉

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