Thank HP for Its Climate Action (Green Watching Update)

Here’s a call to action you don’t often see. It’s not about a non-green company and asking the company to clean up its act, but it’s about thanking an electronics giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP), for being a green leader. Green Watching campaign is teaming up with’s Green Your School Challenge this week to get teens across the country to say “Thank You” to HP for its continuous climate action.

HP was at the top of Climate Count’s electronics scorecard, getting 85 out of 100 points, this year. It has given strong support to comprehensive federal action on climate change that “would lead to market-wide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the growth of renewable energy capacity,” Climate Counts reports.

“Having worked with HP for a number of years we were thrilled to see them as the #1 Climate Counts electronics company and the second highest scoring company overall,” said Melanie Stevenson of “We were equally as thrilled that the Climate Counts Green Watching campaign provides young people with a free app and website to send messages directly to HP thanking them for their current climate work and encouraging HP to continue raising the bar on corporate climate action.”

The electronics companies Climate Counts scored this year have over 2.3 million employees worldwide and brought in over $822 billion in revenue in 2010. That’s “more money than the entire U.S. economic stimulus package of 2009.” It’s important where it goes and what it’s used for.

Luckily, a lot of electronics company are pushing for environmental awareness and action, but none as much as HP according to Climate Counts.

“The electronics sector is by far our most competitive sector and HP is leading the way. The Green Watching campaign helps consumers see the difference between green leaders and greenwashers and gives consumers the tools to tell companies climate action matters,” said Mark Harrison, Climate Counts campaign coordinator.

To join,, and numerous non-profits in thanking HP for its green efforts, send the company emails and tweets from the Climate Counts website or free app.

Check out the Green Watching campaign and follow the updates on Facebook and Twitter for more.

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Image Credits: Climate Counts; flickr user bertboerland

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