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The American Public Transportation Association is asking for great transit photos showing transportation that is green and friendly and will change our future.

As shown year after year, public transit is a key factor keeping our planet from warming much further than it already is! It is also one of our best bets for slowing and eventually stopping global warming in the future. Beyond that, public transit helps the environment, the economy, and you in many other ways as well.

An organization working for you to increase and improve public transportation and to fight global warming, smog, excessive traffic congestion, water pollution, hours lost from home, stress, road rage, and your car becoming your home needs your help now.

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) needs you to send your best public transit photos. They are hosting their 10th Annual Photo Invitational and need photos that “depict public transportation’s significance, value and benefits of opportunity, access, freedom, and mobility, which enable everyone in the community to accomplish what is important to them, all the while making communities stronger and more vibrant.”

A key focus of the photos should to be the human element. They want to see people who are enjoying the transportation and getting important use out of it. As the organization states, “Winning photos show people benefiting from public transportation as they get to work, appointments, school, events or countless other destinations. The best photos depict public transportation vehicles in action with the community and transit employees…. Finally, photos should capture human emotion and make the connection of how people or communities benefit from public transportation.” We are touched by human feelings, more than many other things, and the APTA needs photos that show happy humans in order to encourage public transportation.

There is no entry fee and applicants can send as many photos as they wish. For remaining rules on the invitational and the official announcement from the APTA, click here.

Image credit: My Daily Struggle via flickr under a Creative Commons license

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